Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spoken Word Artist: Ben Falealili!

Ben Falealili will sure make you want to stop, listen & inspire at the same time. I had the chance to catch up with great friend Ben Falealili. This young man is making a difference where he can and when he can. He currently attends the University of San Diego. He is the current president of UCSD's Pacific Islander Student Association and is making great strides in bringing forth an awareness of cultural issues and actually putting in work to seek change. The first time I heard spoken word pieces from Ben... I was inspired to meet him and come a year a some change later... I consider him as a brother. There are those that sit and watch things happen & then there those out there that actually put in work to make things happen. That's Ben... a Captain out there to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Oh yeah and did i mention part time model? Haha!

In an earlier blog post with the CENSUS videos Ben is the speaking in the census video. Check it out! 

(See earlier posts below for the video)


  1. GREAT JOB Ralphy .. lol .. LOVE the colors ... Gettem!!!

    p.s. he is truly inspirational .. love watching his videos

  2. This guy is HOT!!! Can he sing? lol...Aaaand I love the photography! LOVE IT!



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