Thursday, November 25, 2010



I am grateful for many things this year but I most thankful for my health, family, and friends... 
This blog post can easily turn into an Oprah interview so I will keep this one short and sweet. 

Thank you all for your continued support and love for the past year! I am grateful that I have a strong support system to see me through the highs and the lows. 

From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU! 

So in honor of the thanksgiving holiday... I made a turkey for you all! Trust me... its MOIST!!!

Hope you like it! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MASH UP! The Talauega Brothers + The Tuita Boyz...


The Talauega Brothers & The Tuita Boyz! 

These photos seriously brought a tear to my eye. This is a representation of the experienced showing support for our young ones. The poses in these 2 photos says a lot more to me than just flips and jumps. 

It represents that saying "passing the baton" and who better than the Tuita Boyz who are climbing the music and entertainment industry very fast and are making headway in their own right! 
It also represents that we can share talent and support each other! WOW!

It was a dance battle that wasn't planned and I felt like the referee!

These 2 sets of brothers inspire me.

Fly brothers... FLY! 

Coming soon... the Tuita Boyz Photo Shoot! 

Living The Dream with the Talauega Brothers + Rich & Tone!

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

- Langston Hughes

Living the dream with Rich & Tone Talauega. World Famous Dancers & Choreographers! 
I recently attended the "DESINTED FOR GREATNESS" H.Y.P.E. Conference at the University of Utah where I had the pleasure of meeting amazing and inspirational dancers, poets, community workers, and so much more! When a great friend of mine Anapesi Ka'ili called me and told me about this event and invited me to come down to Utah, I felt like my dreams came true! Real Story! 
I have been following Rich & Tone for years and amazed at the work they have done in the entertainment industry! Rich & Tone have worked from likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Kylie Minogue, Aaliyah, and that's just to name a few.
With careers spanning over 2 decades Rich & Tone Talauega have transformed themselves from dancers into choreographers, from choreographers into creative directors; from creative directors into producers, and from producers into directors!

I bumped into Rich & Tone the night before the conference at the hotel in Utah and as I was coming down the elevator they were coming up and doors opened and being their #1 fan I started stuttering and I said... "uhm,,, I'm Ralph... and Uh...Uh...I will be shooting you guys tomorrow?"  Like if it were a question to them instead of statement.
Rich & Tone laughed and as I got into the elevator I looked in the mirror slapping myself in the head saying..."Dummy! You could have said more than that!" I felt like my world came crashing down. 
Okay kind of dramatic but I made up for it the next day. 

The next morning I enter the room where Rich & Tone would be holding their dance workshop for the high school students at the conference and then again... I get sweaty then to turn around to give myself a pep talk before I walk in the room and I said to myself... "Okay dummy... get it together and don't act like a groupie... be professional!" 
After my long deep sigh I finally walk in and introduce myself properly and had the most awesome experience with Rich & Tone. Rich asked me to take a seat and we talked about current events, inspirations, and even their first visit to Utah. I am not sure if they knew how much of a fan I truly was but, I helped them set up their workshop just so I can say that I was a part of the workshop. I know groupie right? LOL.
I have to say that these brothers are the most down to earth people that you are going to meet. Tone was even sharing his experiences in the business and how to overcome challenges in life and gave me a few pointers on how to go about "living your dream". 

The fact is they have a really busy schedule and consistently traveling the world -  so to get any words of encouragement and business pointers was a dream in itself. As the students started to arrive Rich & Tone prepared for the workshop and I was low-key learning the dance moves off the side and counting to myself... "5-6-7-8..boom kat, hit, and turn" but then my body wants to go ahead and say... "boom fat, sit, and learn..." Ouch! LOL.

Rich & Tone's workshop was truly inspirational from the dance moves to the uplifting words & messages that they gave our young polynesian youth. I was so inspired and lifted by their presence and their continued support in our communities. 

During the photo shoot we laughed and played with a lot of posing and dance moves. I appreciate their determination to help me get the shot I was looking for. True motivators, movers, and shakers.

Here are some shots pre-workshop, during the workshop and then, the photo shoot! 
You will be able to see the kids really getting the steps and having a great time!
The excitement in the kids faces was the icing on the cake!

Special thanks to Anapesi for making everything happen! 

This was one of my bucket list items and you made it happen! 

You can also see a video that I attached below of their choreographed production from
" Macy's Dancing with the Stars!" 

It's breathtaking!

Dreams do come true! 

Choreographed production from Rich & Tone on the Macy's Stars of Dance on ABC!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini-Session with SEINI TAUFA aka "Linda Carter"

While I was in New Zealand I had a mini-photo session with Seini Taufa a current Phd Candidate in Pediatrics and her current thesis on Pacific Teenage Pregnancy. Seini reminds me a lot of me when I need to get work done. Focused, passionate, driven, and overall humble. Okay maybe the humble part I can work on but you get the picture! During my stay there I had some really intense conversations prior to shooting Seini about what she does and what she currently studies and I was blown away by the statistics of Pacific Teenage pregnancy plays in their communites and how keeping statistics & figuring out alternative solutions to minimize those issues in New Zealand. I take my hat off to this young woman. It really made me think about issues that affect our community.
Seini is in her final year preparing her thesis for her Ph.D. Can we say WOW?!
During our mini shoot we laughed about how she felt and she told me: "Ralph, I feel like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman's alter ego)" and she said "it's because we go through our daily life but we put on a "super hero" costume on to fight another day". Now that I can identify with! CHING! CHING!
From then on I referred to her as Linda Carter with her H.Y.P.E bracelets ready to make a difference! 

Here are some of my favorites from our session. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Cruisin' with R&B Singer David Thomas Siufanua also known as "D-MASI"! 
I had a kick back day shooting with D-Masi listening to him serenade the camera with cover songs like "Cruisin" from Smokey Robinson and plenty others! What a treat to have a concert of my own! D-Masi can play the guitar, dance, and new hidden talent... model!
We shot near the beach and I felt like I was literally in a music video. Now if I only had a video camera! 
We played with poses for a bit and then I asked him to just play some music to help him feel out the camera and all the rest was history from there! I can't wait to hear more music from this young artist! Thanks D-Masi and Jermaine! Had a blast! 

I posted a video below where he was featured quickly on San Diego's ABC Morning Show a while a back! Check it out for yourself! 

Friday, October 1, 2010


The power of spoken word is truly an art form that one can appreciate. I have always been a fan of spoken word and poetry.The ability to a convey a message, passion, and emotion through words still amazes me 'til this day. The courage it takes to stand in front of a crowd and speak your mind is no easy task but it is very inspiring to hear and watch.

I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Grace Taylor one of the co-founders of the South Auckland Poets Collective based in Auckland, New Zealand. 
Meeting Grace was an experience in it's own. Grace has a shy, humble, and free spirit that I found very refreshing. During this shoot I walked around Mangere Town Centre and found these grafitti/urban walls that just fit the bill for this shoot. I went and gathered her scarves and just started twisting a braid not knowing that the wall colors and schemes would just go together. Isn't it FUNKY?
It was a complete pleasure to be around someone so down to earth and willing to blend in with her surroundings! Thank you GRACE!

The South Auckland Poets Collective recently released a book and dvd that you can purchase.  To purchase a copy of the book and dvd you can email Grace at:

Here is a clip of their recent launch featured on Tagata Pasifika:

Now here is collection photos of my favorite shots from this shoot! 


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