Friday, April 8, 2011

SENIORS: Marissa Sofele - The Lioness!

It's Senior Fever for the Class of 2011!
I really enjoy doing senior sessions. It's that transition from youth to an adult. The excitement of graduation, prom, college and the real world. For me it's always that in between transition that I love about doing shooting seniors. I remember the excitement of graduation and finally getting over that hump and entering a world of adulthood.
In this session is the lovely Marissa Sofele! Creatively, I always leave it up to the senior to give me their ideas and run with what they would like to do. I try to stay away from doing the typical & dreaded senior pictures. If I had a sample of my senior picture it would lie under the definition of "fail" LOL.
Marissa was great. She came equipped with her vision of doing something safari like and just styling it up for the camera! She's a natural. We had so much fun in the hills & playing with all kinds of looks. 
One Word: "ROAR!" like a lion. Congrats & good luck Marissa! May you pursue your dreams with a lion-like attitude! -RM


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