Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gone Fishing... Alaska here I come!

Gone Fishing! LOL. Will be traveling for a couple of days to Alaska shoot a beauty campaign. Burrr!  I will be back next week to catch you up on the latest work! 
Until then have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thats awesome Ralph! Ive always wanted to visit Alaska and should have while my dad was living there. Im looking forward to all your pics when you get back!

  2. wut up uce!!! member me :) Man... your blog is the business. Great photos bro. I just recently got an SLR and am still learning the in and outs of good photos. We gotta hook up soon when you're in town. Hit me up uce!

  3. Im scared of you ;) Handle your business Ralph!!

  4. @Selasi - Bro what a blast from the past! I have been trying to find your email addy. Your blog for the toobing is DOPE! Hit me up so we can hook up!



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