Monday, February 28, 2011


Meet Darae! 
I had so much fun I had to post some quick favorites - [unedited versions].
Who needs to edit when you have that kind of smile and those intense eyes?! 
Darae is the son of Grace Taylor & Darren Kamali - both whom are great poets and directors of the South Auckland Poets Collective! 
Thank you Grace for a fun day with Darae! 
Stay tuned for more photos & a blog post follow-up! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

TPSS,INC Westlake Magazine Ad Photo Shoot!

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to shoot an ad with TPSS, Inc for Westlake Magazine, a lifestyle, fashion, travel, and social magazine catering to Los Angeles & Westlake Cities. 

TPSS, Inc (Private Services and Management) provides security services and management for luxury boutiques, luxury communities, executives and celebrity protections, private events and details in California.

Thanks to the CEO Kaz Kasiano I had a chance to shoot their team of professionals at the Museum of Latin Art in Long Beach, CA.

I was definitely excited to shoot something for TPSS, Inc and yet even more excited to shoot something that would be in publication. This is like a photographer's dream to have this opportunity. I was definitely sweating with excitement. I admit not exactly a magazine cover but to me it definitely felt like it! 

The team of professionals in this shoot are actually the employees of this company and I can tell there were some "first time" jitters for some of them but, they definitely pulled it off. I had a great time working these people! I can't take full credit because "Kaz" was the creative director in this photo shoot. I asked him if he would be interested in directing more of my shoots but meeting the demands of his business has already has his time locked in. Thanks anyway Kaz! Ha! 

Special Thanks to Fran from PIEAM (Pacific Islander Ethnic Museum) for finding my extension cords!

This ad will be in the March 2011 Issue of Westlake Magazine so, I will be running out to get the magazine because I am geek like that LOL. 

Here are some of my favorite from the shoot. 


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