Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PORTRAIT: Myles Cassius Sells - "Smooth Criminal"

Mr. Myles Cassisus Sells - 3 Years Old!

Yes - I named him - "Smooth Criminal" - This boy has a lot of spunk in him! He even caught the eye of a police officer passing by! He is too smooth for anything and far from a criminal! That's Myles for you... entertaining and full of energy. He reminds me of the puppies in the window with those big brown eyes and irresistable charm.

In my book he can pee all over the place and still be cute. That's my boy! Haha! Watch me do that and really get arrested! LOL

Thank You Rina!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

PORTRAIT: Melvin & Niu Misa - "A Day With My Brother"

Ever have the one sibling that you just fought with for no reason consistently growing up?

Ever had the brother or sister that you just could not get to agree with on anything?

He or she is your typical kind of older brother/sister that has the "it's my way or the highway" kind of attitude, the "I am always right" ego with a twist of the "i'll beat you down" fist.

I have one and his name is "Roy" aka Melvin (his government name). We are only a year apart and if you knew us growing up - we fought on the streets, the backyard, and sometimes in church! <--(LOL)

Many years and plenty of black eyes later we still have differences in opinion and views but one thing was clear between the both of us - we are always brothers first.

I had a chance to spend a weekend in the BAY AREA with him, his beautiful wife Siainiu and his 2 beautiful children Hinckley & Mia. Seeing my nephew and niece brought back a lot of memories and similarities on how the whole brother/sister dynamic never changes.

My brother and I are very close and he has been one of those brothers that still til' this day does not let alone mess with his little brother. I wish someone would tell him that his little brother has a black belt in "CURAAZAY" (you better ask somebody).

I couldn't help but to notice the similarities in his son and daughter. Haha. I don't care what anyone says... "the younger brother" always wins. Haha! Much Love Bro!



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PORTRAIT: Baby Kione Marley - "Mr Natural"

I had the honor of shooting Kione' Marley (Booga) last week. I named him myself "MR NATURAL".

This kid was a little apprehensive with my aggressive smile and greeting! Automatically as a photographer you want the kid to like you or you end with photos of them crying!

I was determined. I only had an hour to shoot him and in extreme lighting conditions so I said to myself: KNOCK IT OUT!

After 15 minutes of singing "You're a Jerk" - MR NATURAL warmed up and provided some awesome magazine cover worthy images!

Thank you Ana & Adam and Happy Birthday Booga!

PORTRAIT: Rina & Tame - "Expecting A Bundle of Joy"

My sister Rina is having a baby!

I can't beleive that actually came out my mouth! (Whew!)

I know as an older brother I can not contain my excitement especially, if you know that my sister has been trying for a while and now the good lord has blessed her and her husband Siokatame Fifita with a bundle of joy! She is currently six months!

This has definitely gave me inspiration when shooting. How fitting... New Life brings New Beginnings!

I am not trying to get all HallMark on you guys but, you know how it is! LOL

I am currently taking a poll on names: Ralphalisha? Ralphitta? Rina doesn't have to know... Haha!

NEWS: Ralph Misa Photo Blog - FINALLY!

Welcome Everyone and thank you for visiting my photo blog page!

I've reluctantly entered the world of having a blog. I honestly have no idea where it will lead. I can only hope it will allow for the people that dig my work to see some of the thoughts and challenges that go into being a photographer. One thing I do hope to pursue through my blog is the ability to showcase some personal work and my views of how I see people & the world. I am currently expanding my knowledge and always willing to push the envelope.

Since I was young I have always loved looking at images and taking them and now look at me. I can't stop thinking about capturing "life" on camera!

It took me a while to finally muster up the strength to finally pursue my own dream as a photographer and only hope that you would be able to join me in my journey.

Here is to a dollar and a dream...!

I am currently working on my official website which will be up soon so STAY TUNED!

Thank You Everyone!
Ralph Misa


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