Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dear 2009,

You have been great to me. I found my love and passion for photography. I overcame my fears and inhibitions. Thanks for allowing me to fall flat on my face & watching me get up, dust it off, and laugh adversity in the face! Thanks for bringing out the creative beast in me even when I thought I didn't have enough juice. You helped me... FIND ME!

Thank the lord! It was a great run 2009 - thank you.


At the end of every year, I have this tradition where I take time out to think about what accomplishments & goals that I have done throughout the year. I have to say that this year was one of the most life changing years of my life.

To my know my future is to embrace & reflect the past...
This past year there were many firsts for me. At the top of the year I was presented with managing a hot reggae band out of New Zealand - the amazing 10 piece band: "Three Houses Down" (an all polynesian roots reggae band) under "Solkrush Entertainment". I have never done this before but went in head first and gave it a hell of a run! I travelled to New Zealand twice this year with a great relative and mentor Soli Mauigoa (owner of Solkrush Entertainment). We went on a month long tour which consisted of cities such as: Las Vegas, Utah, and Hawaii. We did some amazing things like shot the album single: "Kanikapila" in Otara, NZ with another creative relative of mine who is mean with the video camera Dick Stone Leulua'i (Bologna Fungi Films). I got the chance to stretch my graphics side and did the album artwork & photos (another first) for their latest album: "Break Out" which is a sure fire hit! Landed some distribution deals, met some amazing musicians, friends, and people who became family.

Further along the year, I got to meet and work with some inspirational women. One of the first women that i had the pleasure of working with was Anapesi Kai'ili from the H.Y.P.E Movement (Helping Youth Pursue Emancipation). When you look up the word "passion" in the dictionary, I honestly beleive this woman's picture should be right next to it! She is one of the few people that I have met that combines passion, hard work, determination, and love for her polynesian people all rolled into one. She allowed me test my photography skills by doing a H.Y.P.E Photoshoot in L.A. with young polynesian spoken word artists Ben Falealili & Joshua Leomiti. I was dazzled by her work to educate and stimulate the minds of our young youth today by encouraging & uplifting their minds to another level. To beleive that they can accomplish whatever goals that they have! I think this definitely applies to EVERYONE not just youth today - myself included!!! I nominate her as the woman of the year award! Seriously. Thank You Pesi.

Over the course of months while managing a band, holding down a full time job, and trying to put my shoulder to the wheel with my photography - I found that I didn't really think I was good at anything let along my photog work. This was a definite eye opener. This year I learned that I have to start somewhere... and I did thanks to those that beleived in me even when I didn't. I read everything I could get my hands on and just remembered not to let fear impair your ability to see yourself shine (yes I am getting philosophical on you guys). I have always been one to know that if you help others around you that it will come back ten fold.

Trust me there were a lot of mistakes that happened with 2009 but I beleive it's not the mistakes that you focus on but how you bounce back and learn from them.

Here is to wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Years! 

With that said: I have compiled photos called the BEST OF 2009 - RM'S ALL STARS!

Honorable Mentions:
Solkrush Entertainment
Three Houses Down
Bologna Fungi Films
Cerbae (Clothing Line)
Robert Sterling Publishing
Rowena Wilson (BookBinge.Com)
Maele Photography
Schaerer USA Corporation
Fabulous Burgers (off Rosecrans)
Black Sand Media
Vizzun Entertainment
Roadrunner Live Music Hall
Jr Patane/Aunty Dofi/Ah-You Family
Tupulaga (Dance Group)
Pacific Eye Radio
Urban Pasifik
Pasifik Seas
Adeaze (Nainz & Vi'i)
Mauigoa Family (Soli & Mele)
Jermaine Lefeiloa'i
Rick Tuiasau
Talanoa Family
Pome'e Family
and my Misa Family (of course)
Facebook and Twitter (LOL)
Please forgive me if I have forgotten you.

Now for the PHOTO ALL-STARS...
(RM Collection)

Ben Falealili

Josh Leomiti

Charlie Pomee (Lead Singer of Three Houses Down)



The Horn-y Section (Three Houses Down)

 Tonga Vaea (Songwriter/Musician - Three Houses Down)

Crazy Guys! (Charlie Pomee, Sione Pomee, Matt Auva'a - Three Houes Down)

RM, Solkrush Entertainment, Bologna Fungi Films 


Bryana Kekauoha

Chelsea Tupuola (Nana)

Olga Bucio (Schaerer USA Corporation)

Virginia Petrucci (Model)



Hope Fiaseu!

Taiosamoa & Tiara (Taitai & Yaya)


Rina & Tame!

Will Turner!

Thank You all for being a part of my photo journey but most of all... being a part of my life!



PORTRAIT: Meet The Tuaolo Family!

Meet the Tuaolo Family!

The weather this day was very dark but the brightest family came by to join me on a shoot! Right out the car smiles & coordination! Gotta Love It! As gloomy as this day was, you would not notice with this family. Just ready to pose, click, and flick! Thanks Guys! I enjoyed it...

Funniest line of the day was Ryder - the youngest boy telling his mom (Tia) while I layed in the floor taking photos. "Mommy he is going to get dirty!" and Tia's response... "and still get up and look fabulous!". Thanks Tia for having my back! Haha.

We have to do it again! Much love to you guys! Thanks for bearing with me running in the street and almost getting run over to catch the photos! Haha. That's the passion I have... I am willing to get run over by cars... and what? LOL












Sunday, December 27, 2009

PERSONAL: "When life hands you lemons... make PINK LEMONADE!"

Today was one of "those" days that all of us at one point have gone through in our lives. I started my day off right. I woke up jiffy pop early! I put on my running shoes and did an early 9AM jog. I had an awesome cup of coffee, nice luxurious hot shower, and on my way to a model/fashion photo shoot in North Hollywood. Little did I know I had another thing coming...
Twenty minutes into my drive I started to smell something burning and of course I didn't think anything of it. I figured L.A. always smells like burnt rubber on the freeway. As I am passing the exit for the Pantages Theatre my car is filled with smoke and I immediately exit Highland near the Hollywood Bowl, pulled over and then "SKY" (that's my car's name and yes I named my car!) is sitting on the side of the road like the little engine that wouldn't! Of course I don't have triple A roadside assistance and I keep meaning to get a membership but I only think of getting one when things like this happen and what do I do? I call triple A anyway! LOL
The lovely operator says to me: "This is a member only hotline" and I tell her politely: "Well can you sign me up then?" (That's so samoan of me!) in hopes that I would somehow get the "members only" treatment and she says: "Unfortunately I am unable to do that" and after 15 minutes of trying to convince her that she can take my credit card info down and just hook a brother up, she finally transfers me to the nearest towing company to help me out. I am finally connected to the towing company and able to get a towing company to take me to the nearest PEP BOYS Auto Club down the street.
In the meantime while I am waiting for the tow truck I call the one person that knows all about cars... My dad! Reminder my dad is in San Francisco so I thought I would ask him some questions. I call my brother Roy and he contacts my dad who is normally at church on sundays with my mom. I get a phone call from my mom & dad and here is how the conversation goes:
*Phone Rings* 
*RM - "Hello? Hi Dad!"
*Mom - "Ralph??? What happened are you okay?"
(my mom is chuckling with laughter & my dad laughing hysterically in the background!)
*RM - "I am okay Mom! (chuckling) I was on my way to a photo shoot and my car broke down with smoke!"
*Mom - "hahahahaha on Sunday? That's the lord's way of telling that you to "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy".
*RM: (rolling my eyes and laughing) "I know right Mom? Well that won't happen again..."(trying to rush her off the phone to talk to my dad and she is still laughing.) "Is Dad there?" 
*Mom - "Yes! He is right here calling you on his cell phone... "(my dad still laughing in the background).
*RM - "Hi Dad - I have no coolant in my car or water. The stupid jiffy lube guys that did my oil change says they did on my receipt but of course they didnt!"
*Dad - "Well have it towed and have the guys look at it and let me know what they say... we love you son."
*RM - "Thanks Dad! I will call you in the morning!" (at this point were all laughing including myself!)
For those that don't know my parents they are the most funniest people but yet the most spiritual parents. Sundays are strictly for the Lord as we were taught. The whole lesson from that was don't play on the Lord's time as my parents would say.
After I hung up with them, the tow truck guy shows up and low & behold he is a samoan guy! What are the odds? He comes out the truck and says: "Leave the car I will take care of it for you" - Did I mention again that he was "samoan"? Sweet!  He actually resembled my dad.. He seriously did.(Kind of scary?!)  His name is "Fatu" and not only did he help me out but he discounted the tow! Now you know I tipped my fellow uso!

...and the HERO of the day Award goes to Fatu!
(pic taken off my blackberry)
You can still see the smoke!

I dropped the car off at Pep Boys for evaluation and have to come back tomorrow to see what the diagnosis is *cringe* because I know it's going to cost me!
Well being that this Pep Boys is literally down the street from the famous Hollywood & Vine strip. I called one of my besties "Will" to pick me up and w
hile I was waiting for him I didn't want to make the day a total loss! I just started walking down Hollywood Blvd and I took "Isyss" out (yes that's my camera's name!) to take advantage of the scenery...


 Half a block away I run into some musical guests...


then ran into where I would love to work!!!

Where I really submitted my job application! 


Where I wanted to have a cocktail...

But didn't because... I literally got this text from my parents while I was contemplating it...



Found my transportation... Uncle Party Bus! 


Wishing she was here to join me on the bus to give my car a spoon full of sugar!

Wondering what this musical would be like? 


Looking at the most dependable form of transportation! 

How I feel about my car! Cost & Failure! 

Saw the real streets of Hollywood minus the Glamour and Glitz... 



Wondering... WHY???? The purpose is?

Tourists... Meh. 

...and coming back tomorrow to pick up "Sky" from here...

and thanks to all of you that prayed for me on facebook!



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