Thursday, May 20, 2010


In the past couple of months I have spent time growing creatively and opening my mind to drawing inspiration from all types of sources. 
There is truth to the saying "stop and smell the roses" and you really have to. 
When I started doing my photography work I was too worried about getting somewhere faster and not really living in the moment. I was too busy trying to schedule photo shoots, pump work out like a robot, and the whole time not realizing that life is just passing me by.
The reality is... I am work a holic! I can be on 24 hour run from working a full time job to doing my photos full time. I am sure that is not how people should live their lives but this is how I have been living mine.
I realized that you can succeed at whatever you do but in order to do that you need to find that balance between work and life. I have spent time really soaking in the simpler things to be happy about and to be inspired about. Family, Friends, Personal Growth, and Service to others.
Yes, I may sound like a hallmark card but I truly love what I do and in order for me to continue to do that then I needed to do something with this talent and was to let people see things through my eyes.
So I did. I layed down under a tree with my ipod on just looking up into this tree that I found really fascinating. 
If you look at its a regular old tree (on the surface) but for me it spoke to me. The one word that kept coming out of my mind was "growth". I was drawn to the lines which represents all the different paths in life, the orange & greens in the leaves represented new life & new beginnings, and lastly the blue skies represented this big world we live in. All of which made sense to me in this one image. 
Allow yourself to GROW and make time for you and JUST YOU ONLY and appreciate the smaller things in life. Let's start with being able to see another beautiful day like this one...


  1. ralph that is so tight! Hugo (remember me)

  2. this is sooo true ... you totally hit it with this ... kudos to you!!!

  3. @Hugo long time brotha! Glad you found me.

    @Theresa thanks sis. You feel me though? LOL

  4. I really needed to read this. Thanks Ralph.



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