Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini-Session with SEINI TAUFA aka "Linda Carter"

While I was in New Zealand I had a mini-photo session with Seini Taufa a current Phd Candidate in Pediatrics and her current thesis on Pacific Teenage Pregnancy. Seini reminds me a lot of me when I need to get work done. Focused, passionate, driven, and overall humble. Okay maybe the humble part I can work on but you get the picture! During my stay there I had some really intense conversations prior to shooting Seini about what she does and what she currently studies and I was blown away by the statistics of Pacific Teenage pregnancy plays in their communites and how keeping statistics & figuring out alternative solutions to minimize those issues in New Zealand. I take my hat off to this young woman. It really made me think about issues that affect our community.
Seini is in her final year preparing her thesis for her Ph.D. Can we say WOW?!
During our mini shoot we laughed about how she felt and she told me: "Ralph, I feel like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman's alter ego)" and she said "it's because we go through our daily life but we put on a "super hero" costume on to fight another day". Now that I can identify with! CHING! CHING!
From then on I referred to her as Linda Carter with her H.Y.P.E bracelets ready to make a difference! 

Here are some of my favorites from our session. 

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