Monday, February 15, 2010

COUPLES: Mulu & Pedro Engaged!


I am excited to announce a really good friend of mine Mulu Lokeni is getting married! Out of all places I found out on facebook... You know the place you go to where you want to everyone's business! Yeap... that place! I am pretty sure we are all familiar with the "status" change right? Well, like everyone else I happen to stumble across Mulu's page and low & behold-the marital status changed from dating to "engaged".  You should have seen my mouth... it literally dropped with excitement!!!As soon as i read it i was texting and emailing her to congratulate her!

Couple of weeks later after all the LA rain, we had a chance to shoot some engagement photos!

Everything about this day was right... the weather, the scenery, and most of all the couple! We spent half the day laughing but for me behind the lens was something else. I couldn't help but notice the love between the two. For those who don't know me... I am not really a softy and mushy type of person but I could feel something was definitely in the air and it was not the Los Angeles smog! It was the love.. and all the goofy stuff that goes along with it! Check it out! Congratulations Mulu & Pedro!!!



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