Monday, January 18, 2010

SENIORS: Dymonte Aaron Misa

It seems if it were yesterday where I was getting ready for prom, graduation, and ready to do absolutely nothing after high school but sleep! Okay seriously, it wasn't that long ago!

My nephew "Monte" is now a senior! Where has the time gone? I can't beleive that he is 17 years old now. I remember changing his diapers, potty training him, and "discplining" him. He has truly grown into his own and I couldn't be anymore happier and excited for him to enter into adulthood.

He has always been about our family and does all things the things that a regular teenager doesn't care to do.  Monte currently attends James Logan High School in Union City, holds a part-time job, takes care of his 6 brothers and sisters, and still has time to fill out college applications. He is currently looking at Cal State Bakersfield & possibly BYU-Utah as one of the prospective schools he would like to attend.

I am excited to see what decisions he makes at this pivotal time in his life. I keep telling him that he resembles that rapper Drake. Haha.




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