Sunday, January 3, 2010

PORTRAIT: Meet songbird Leilani Jaster!


I had the pleasure of shooting R&B Soul Artist Leilani Jaster! I have known Leilani for some years now. This woman has talent. She can sing, write, play instruments, and most of all entertain the heck out of a crowd!
Back in the day, I use to hit some karaoke bars with Leilani and what comes out of that voice is truly electrifying! She can work a crowd like no other. Everytime she sings you can feel the soul in her performance. One of my favorite performances was when I attended a show in Huntington Beach and she covered  Joss Stone's "Less Is More" and I was sold! I still 'til this day wonder if anyone that was there that night knew that song but, I did!
 We shot this out of Long Beach, CA @ a studio. This particular shoot was so fun that I couldn't contain myself half of the time. We laughed & danced our way thru each clothing change!
We even had Leilani's good friend Joey Quenga (another musical artist) come thru to bring her a guitar and we fooled around on the photoshoot too! Look out for Leilani this year, she is working on some new things and I excited for whatever she puts out! Wish you the best this year Lei! Look forward to working with you again!

Hair & Make-Up: Vanessa Cartier.
Hairpiece: Hand-made by Mellow Mood Creations! (Thank You Sivi!) - Yes it's a one of a kind!



Joey Quenga! (Foolin' Around while we waited on make-up! This guy is great!)


  1. Magical work my friend.. Stunning! Great job!!

  2. Wow, I'm loving these pictures nasty...especially, the ones that look like they could be the cover for her next CD!

    Great job and I love the way that Joey's tatoos pop in his pictures. Very nice!



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