Thursday, December 31, 2009

PORTRAIT: Meet The Tuaolo Family!

Meet the Tuaolo Family!

The weather this day was very dark but the brightest family came by to join me on a shoot! Right out the car smiles & coordination! Gotta Love It! As gloomy as this day was, you would not notice with this family. Just ready to pose, click, and flick! Thanks Guys! I enjoyed it...

Funniest line of the day was Ryder - the youngest boy telling his mom (Tia) while I layed in the floor taking photos. "Mommy he is going to get dirty!" and Tia's response... "and still get up and look fabulous!". Thanks Tia for having my back! Haha.

We have to do it again! Much love to you guys! Thanks for bearing with me running in the street and almost getting run over to catch the photos! Haha. That's the passion I have... I am willing to get run over by cars... and what? LOL













    love you Tuaolo family!!

  2. great job Ralph!!! we gotta hook you

  3. i didnt think u were gonna put these up...imma sock u. but thanks anyways for the since u were gonna redo our session i cant wait til than. had fun...ehh let us know we we can retake our u



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