Monday, December 14, 2009

EVENT: Schaerer USA Christmas Party 2009

Company Christmas Parties... (enough said) right?
 For the past 5 years I was able to enjoy really lavish company parties that consisted of locations such as: Laguna Beach (Surf & Sand Resort), Catalina Island (Metropolis), Santa Barbara and that is just to name a few.
If you don't know already I work for an espresso manufacturing company during the day time and I actually shoot on the side (but that will be changing very soon!). This year was a little different.  Much like every other company...Recession peaked its ugly little head out to say hello to us this year! I was not disappointed that we weren't able to enjoy the P-Diddy Style parties that we were use to but still grateful to even have a job this time around! We had our company party in the warehouse and did some last minute decorations. I know a cry for help when I see one.
Look closely at the balloons... they were just laying around the floor doing nothing! For those who know me - i love to make something out of nothing! I improvised and used some rubber bands, scotch tape, and water bottle to make a center piece and literally in about an hour before we started we had those center pieces all over the place! Talk about McGuyver! LOL My mom calls me "Christopher Lowell" but... whatever! I get it from her!
My fellow co-workers are well... GHETTO but i love them!  All I have to say is... that's how we do it in Long Beach! Haha.
This year we went from Lamb Chops to In & Out Burgers on a truck which I have to say is just as great in my book! I am all about comfort food! If you order from In & Out Burger then you have to get the double double animal style!
 We were not short of the liquor either. We backyard boogie! Here are a couple of shots from parking lot pimpin! LOL
Happy Holidays Schaerer USA!  



  1. Wanted to stop by real quick to say i absolutely love your work! Keep pushing yourself and have a safe and HAPPY HOLIDAY!

  2. Thanks Oto!!! Appreciate the support! Happy Holidays!



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