Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TAKING IT WAY BACK! - Delia + Tommy Engagement!

Let  me take you back... waaaay back! Delia & Tommy first met at a phone booth in high school. Delia needed to use the public phone that Tommy was on and she needed some change to make a call. Not knowing that this was a conversation that would start and lead to a lifetime of commitment and love! 
I had an awesome time getting to know how Delia & Tommy met and where it all started! North High School in Torrance. 10 Years strong this young couple is still together and taking a big leap in their lives to be "ONE". 
Tommy is also known an as Kahlee Tre Dime (click on link for his musik!) and his some of his awesome musik for you hip hop heads! He used to make mix-tapes for Delia in high school. That totally reminds me of a time back in the days of love notes that read: "do you like me? circle yes or no!" Haha! I had a lot of fun with these 2 shooting at the very place that they met!  
Congratulations Delia and Tommy on the Engagement!


  1. these are great Ralph!!! totally love the frist one!!!

  2. Thank you Ralph for taking the flicks of us! I love them all- probably the most PDA we have shown in 10 years LOL! Love you so much cousin!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! i knew you took these at NHS and i didnt even read the post, awww how sentimental, i like the lenses you used... i want that!!! i like that makes their skin look flawless!!! can you come take our family pics Ralphy!!! for reals! and do you have a lens that makes me look 50 lbs lighter??? LOL miss you and LOVE your work! i want to schedule and appt!!!
    email me your package deals etc PLEASE



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