Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happily Ever After: Alain & Charise Tekurio in Newport Beach

Weddings are such a momentous occassion! There are so many emotions that run into such a day. Butterflies, stress, anxiousnes, excitment, and most of all the tears of joy...

I had the complete pleasure of assisting in shooting this wedding with great friend & photographer Maele Vaitai! I have been wanting to work with Maele aka "L" for a while now. We wanted to collaborate on ideas and basically see things through each others eyes and man was I inspired by working with this woman.
We started off the day the day great. L stopped the car and before we got out the car... L started with "Ralph do you mind if we start off with a prayer?". I said "Yes! No problem!". I was really touched by that because if anyone knows L then, you know she is a faithful church goer, mother, and just the sweetest person to be around.
 After our prayer L says "I am so sorry!" and I said "for what? - I feel so much better now going into this shoot after that!" and I really did. L reminded me of my mother and that everything you do evolves around the Lord and the blessings you receive.
This is why this particular shoot was just that more special to me. Going in with the warm fuzzy feeling, the shoot went great! We were so in sync with Alain & Charise for this wedding. It felt special for them and special for me.
For that L... I wanted to thank you for being the humble person that you are and for letting my radical ideas come off as "edgy" when sometimes I think they are just plain out weird. I would definitely work with you again and we will! You are awesome!

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