Monday, March 15, 2010

FIDM Fashion Show Debut 2010! - ONE WORD: "SUPERSONIC!"

The "S" is for SUPER... and the "U" is for UNIQUE... "P" is for Perfection... and you know that I am a freak!

Fashion Freak that is...! After this past weekend, I will never be the same but in a good way.

I had the opportunity to attend FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) Fashion Runway Show. I was invited by my cousin Cami who currently works for "Hanes" in Arizona as a retail merchandiser. I was so stoked when she called me and I did not want to pass up an opportunity to see some fashion, art, and models! For those who are not familiar with FIDM's Alumni & Students & roster - It stems from the likes of designers such as: Lauren Conrad from the MTV Show "The Hills", the creators of "Juicy Couture", and thats just to name a few of designers in their repertoire...

I got to tour the FIDM Campus and was completely blown away with the amount of creativity that just came out of that institution. I was a kid in the candy store looking at sketches, designs, and all of the fashionable students!
As a photographer I found this to broaden my palette for creativity. I have even started making some pieces that I will feature later this month - don't laugh! I am not trying to be a designer but, I found that I can utilize my crafty skills in my next shoot! Just wait and see...

I would like to thank my lovely cousin Cami Niko for inviting me and enjoying the whole day relaxing and just talking about fashion and creative ideas. I loved every minute of it! I wish you all the best in your journey for Fashion Product & Development.

Now for the Runway Show... Here are a lot of my favorites! One in particular was a girl (forgot her name) but, she used all organic material... Fiber in particular. All natural fibers!!! I found this to be my favorite with her beanies and knitted outfits... You can see below. The fiber was so real that it was coming off the runway and into my mouth... *spit spit* LOL.

The show was hosted by Nick Verreos current professor at FIDM and contestant on "Project Runway" Season 2...

Please forgive my angles in these photos... we sat in the third row from the front and I could not move around to take photos. It wasn't allowed so, I kept nudging the lady next to me to get some of these shots... I was so jealous of the other photographers that got to walk around... I ENVY YOU! LOL


  1. HANDS DOWN U R THE BOMB.COM!! looking forward to seeing your Easter project... Cami looks great in the pic =)

  2. I'm ashamed to ask...but is that really Liza?!

  3. Wow, I'm loving these pictures. The bold colors, the flashy clothing and the beautiful models (who's that Polynesian beauty at the bottom? LOL, HEY CAMI!!!). You captured a great fashion show and I'm loving these pictures!

  4. No it's really not Liza- i think is better than the real thing LOL.

    Rina and Wena you guys are the best!



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