Thursday, November 12, 2009

PORTRAIT: Melvin & Niu Misa - "A Day With My Brother"

Ever have the one sibling that you just fought with for no reason consistently growing up?

Ever had the brother or sister that you just could not get to agree with on anything?

He or she is your typical kind of older brother/sister that has the "it's my way or the highway" kind of attitude, the "I am always right" ego with a twist of the "i'll beat you down" fist.

I have one and his name is "Roy" aka Melvin (his government name). We are only a year apart and if you knew us growing up - we fought on the streets, the backyard, and sometimes in church! <--(LOL)

Many years and plenty of black eyes later we still have differences in opinion and views but one thing was clear between the both of us - we are always brothers first.

I had a chance to spend a weekend in the BAY AREA with him, his beautiful wife Siainiu and his 2 beautiful children Hinckley & Mia. Seeing my nephew and niece brought back a lot of memories and similarities on how the whole brother/sister dynamic never changes.

My brother and I are very close and he has been one of those brothers that still til' this day does not let alone mess with his little brother. I wish someone would tell him that his little brother has a black belt in "CURAAZAY" (you better ask somebody).

I couldn't help but to notice the similarities in his son and daughter. Haha. I don't care what anyone says... "the younger brother" always wins. Haha! Much Love Bro!




  1. What a beautiful family! Roi did good! Another fabulous set of flix Nasty! I love it! I'm especially loving the Dora Backpack ones of Mia.

    And LMAO LMAO LMAO, I so remember all of the fights you guys got in at Church.



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